Do you know what’s on your receipts?

TODAY Leah launched a petition compelling Target to make us all safer when we are shopping!

Have you ever noticed the receipts you sign have a powdery feel to them? Thermal receipt paper are covered with hormone-disrupting chemicals called bisphenols. You know them as BPA or BPS.

These chemicals are linked to weight gain, infertility, early puberty, diabetes, inflammation, complications with in-vitro fertilization, lowering your vitamin d, and cancers.

All that with touching receipts!

Now why is this so problematic? This powder isn’t bonded, so it easily gets on your hands. And then into your bloodstream! Compare that to plastic bottles where a chemical reaction with the heat or contents inside have to happen for you to be exposed. So this contamination is a BIG deal.

And I’m sure you’re not surprised that the Feds are using outdating testing methodology that benefits the chemical companies. They say the levels you are exposed to are safe. But Europe and independent scientists disagree. In fact, they just passed a law BANNING BPA from receipts. While in America, they disagree about what “safe” means as they avoid looking into how small amounts of chemicals can impact your health. To hell with your “safe” levels!

I’m petitioning Target to do two things: 1. Offer digital receipts and 2. Reformulate to bisphenol Free receipt paper.

Join THOUSANDS of other people supporting this petition!!


(Leah soft launched the petition last night thinking it would garner maybe 100 supporters and woke up shocked that it already had over 3,000!!!) We need to get more! Our goal is at least 20,000 people to sign this petition. Will you help? Sign here👇

Sign the petition,


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